Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid In Dubai/UAE

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  • Brand Name: Vapetasia
  • Nicotine: 3mg
  • VG/PG: 70%/30%
  • Size: 120ml
  • Made with synthetic nicotine
  • Royalty Two
  • Iced Blackberry Lemonade
  • Iced Blue Razz
  • Iced Grape
  • Iced Melons
  • Iced Milk of the Poppy
  • Iced Pango
  • Iced Pineapple Express
  • Iced Straw Guaw
  • Iced Trapple
  • Iced Watermelon Gummy
  • Killer Kustard
  • Killer Kustard Blueberry
  • Killer Kustard Honedew
  • Killer Kustard Lemon
  • Killer Kustard Strawberry
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Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid In UAE

Experience the award winning flavor experience from Vapetasia! Allow your taste buds to dance to the medley of Vapetasia Killer Fruits Tobacco Free Nicotine E-liquids, featuring delicious fruits flavors mixed with synthetic nicotine(TFN) for a satisfying flavour experience. For those that love fruit-flavoured vape juices, Vapetasia Killer Fruits e-juice is a must try option.

Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid Specifications:

  • Bottle Size: 100ml
  • Chubby unicorn Bottle
  • Nicotine Type: Synthetic Nicotine
  • VG/PG Ratio : 70VG/30PG
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • Nicotine Level: 3mg, 6mg
  • Made in USA

Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid Flavors:

  1. Killer Kustard: An enchanting mix of vanilla and creamy custard, reaching the perfect harmony of sweet and savory.
  2. Killer Kustard Blueberry: Crazy for the Killer Kustard Blueberry. Enjoy a pinch of ripe blueberry sweetness, complemented by our rich vanilla custard
  3. Iced Pineapple Express: Chill out with this relaxing tropical trip! A mix of ripe juicy pineapple and the chilling coolness of menthol combine for a flavor that will whisk you away to frozen paradise!
  4. Iced Pango: Entering into the mix of perfect peaches and mouth watering mango, ice will take this combination to a flavorful freezing point!
  5. Iced Blue Razz: Enjoy the chilled taste of vibrant blue raspberry sweetness as you indulge in the icy delicacy that will surely leave you nothing less than satisfied.
  6. Killer Kustard Lemon: Take a refreshing dive into our signature Killer Kustard flavor finished with a delightful hint of crisp tangy lemon.
  7. Killer Kustard Strawberry: Treat yourself to the taste of freshly picked strawberries at its peak sweetness with this perfect blend of juicy strawberries and rich vanilla custard.
  8. Royalty Two: Hints of rich custard, sweet hazelnuts, and creamy vanilla forged boldly with a mild tobacco flavor. Our Royalty II Gourmet E-Liquid is an exceptional flavor and favored above all others in our lineup.
  9. Killer Kustard Honedew: Honeydew Killer Kustard E-Liquid by Vapetasia takes the one and only true vanilla custard and tops it with fresh honeydew slices.
  10. Iced Straw Guaw: Strawberry and Guava lifted up by an encapsulating cool breeze creates a lasting taste of frozen sweetness to mesmerize your taste buds.
  11. Iced Trapple: Seamlessly blended apples will take your senses by a cold storm of flavor. Red, green, and golden apples bond together with ice to create a taste that is hard to let go of.
  12. Iced Grape Vapetasia 100ml: Bunches of ripe bursting grapes frozen by a cool wave of icy sweetness. This flavor might just freeze you over with euphoria
  13. Iced Blackberry Lemonade: Refreshing lemonade and sweet blackberry puree combined with the icy chill of menthol for a satisfying cool breeze you just can’t put down!
  14. Iced Milk Of The Poppy: A unique combination of ice-cold strawberries blended with the chilling breath of dragon fruit for that perfect mix of fire and ice!
  15. Iced Watermelon Gummy: A cool take on a chewy snack, taste gummy watermelons and embrace the frozen splash of flavor.
  16. Iced Melons: A winter breeze takes over a fusion of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew to create a melon trifecta of icy sweetness.

Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid provide the best flavors with high standards in mind. At Vapetasia, we believe in crafting only the finest e-liquids that are proudly sourced & manufactured in the United States.

For the discriminating enthusiast who settles for nothing but the very best, Vapetasia 100ml is at the top of the list. Their vast array of renowned concoctions has been appreciated by vapers for countless years. Fastidiously crafted using only the finest ingredients, all of Vapetasia’s outstanding creations are nothing short of perfect

Vapetasia 100ml Package Contents Include:

  • 1 x 100ml bottle of  Vapetasia

VG/PG: 70/30

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Royalty Two, Iced Blackberry Lemonade, Iced Blue Razz, Iced Grape, Iced Melons, Iced Milk of the Poppy, Iced Pango, Iced Pineapple Express, Iced Straw Guaw, Iced Trapple, Iced Watermelon Gummy, Killer Kustard, Killer Kustard Blueberry, Killer Kustard Honedew, Killer Kustard Lemon, Killer Kustard Strawberry

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Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid In Dubai/UAE

60,00 د.إ

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