Nasty Podmate Peach Lemonade 30ml Salt Nic

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By Nasty Salt Nic Podmate 30ml E-liquid :

Flavor: Peach Lemonade
Size:  30ml Salt Nic
Nicotine:  35mg And 50mg
Proportion:  50VG/50PG
Brand:  PODMATE Nasty

  • 35MG
  • 50MG
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Nasty Podmate Peach lemonade 30ml | Online vape shop In UAE

Peach Lemonade –  With a delicious combination of peach and lemonade, for refreshing vaporization, the fruit flavor remains present throughout the vaporization.  Nasty once again brings innovation, quality, and surprising flavor. Striking and delicious flavor, without artificial taste or throat hits.

By Nasty Modmate 60ml E-liquid :

Flavor: Peach & Lemonade
Size:  30ml
Nicotine:  35mg/50mg
Proportion:  50VG/50PG
Brand:  PODMATE Salt Nic Nasty

Attention! Nasty  Peach & Lemonade should not be stored in hot places and/or under constant light.

Nasty E-liquids –  Nasty’s initial mission was to help reduce people’s smoking habits, with the intention of completely quitting smoking. Show that vaping is more than just vaping, it encompasses people’s lifestyle, wellness, and health. That’s why, in addition to freebase flavors, they also produce high-quality nic salts, all blends with unique and striking flavors. They started across Malaysia and now span the entire world.

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35MG, 50MG

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Nasty Podmate Peach Lemonade 30ml Salt Nic

40,00 د.إ

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